El Chapo and His Conjugal Visits

Sex, drugs, and…lax prison rules.  It’s good to be king(pin). Before his escape, drug kingpin Jaoquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera enjoyed 46 conjugal visits – complete with access to Viagra – during his stay in Mexico’s highest security prison. If you aren’t familiar, a conjugal visit allows prison inmates to meet with a spouse and engage in sexual congress – and… Read more →

Gone In An Instant: 10 Pro Athletes Who Suffered Career Ending Injuries

When a professional athlete is injured, there exists specific nomenclature to describe the severity of the injury and the length of time that they will be sidelined.  Day-to-day. Questionable. Out indefinitely. Injured reserve.   What no athlete, coach, or fan ever wants to hear, however, is “Career Ending”.   From ‘nature of the game’ hits to freak accidents, a devastating injury… Read more →

Avoiding the Worst: Divorce and Custody, a Parent’s guide to Successful Separation

Many unhappy couples seek divorce as a remedy to their marital woes; what many don’t suspect is how toxic the side effects from this remedy can be to their family.   Often, the well-being of the family unit can get drowned out by the feelings of resentment and built up slights over many years of marriage. Custody can quickly become… Read more →