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John Wick Parabellum: The Third Film is All About Revenge and Guns

John Wick 3: Parabellum


For some reason, John Wick breaks the “No killing in the hotel” rule of the Continental Hotel, where top assassins gather. What awaits him after he is expelled from the sanctuary is an unrelenting siege of a purge by the organization. The assassins use their various killing skills to attack John, who is now a bounty hunter.

This bearded man sits on a bench as if he is tired from being overworked by life. This man’s name is “John Wick”. He’s traveled through time, been to hell, dealt with an exploding bus, fought in a virtual reality world, exorcised demons, become an alien life form, been picked up by a Tengu, and so much more. It was time for him to live the rest of his life in peace. However, just as he was about to quit his job as an assassin and live a loving life with his beloved woman, she became ill and died.

John is overwhelmed with despair. Just as he is thinking about traveling back in time with his old friend, he receives a puppy as a gift. It was the last souvenir of the woman he loved who has now passed away. John is completely moved by the violence of the dog’s cuteness and feels fulfilled to spend “my Wonderful Life” with it.

But the playwright was cruel. Suddenly, a group of women came knocking on his door and buried him in the ground. This is still forgivable. But the next time some thugs showed up without knocking, they took his car and even killed his young dog. Having lost both my baby and my hobby at the same time, John couldn’t keep quiet this time.

He knows that the robber is the son of a powerful Russian mobster. With the fire of vengeance burning in his heart, he picked up his gun and immediately went looking for his hated enemy.

It was an instant kill. And he was even high from Chicago Weeds

uickly and single-handedly destroyed the huge Russian mafia, procured a new dog on the way, and returned home in high spirits. Finally, I can live a truly quiet life. This home is filled with memories of the woman I once loved. What shall I do? Maybe I can use cloning technology to bring back the woman I love and her puppy.

The house burned down.

The reason was that I had turned down an assassination offer from an Italian crime syndicate. I thought I quit my job, but they said it was a matter of contract. What a black company.

The labor union and the labor standards office are useless. John has no choice but to quickly finish the job of killing the target, but now he is about to be killed to keep his mouth shut. This time, he is almost killed to keep his mouth shut. Moreover, he is threatened by a hitman from all over New York. In the midst of all this, John breaks the rule that he is not allowed to “kill” in the hotel. By doing so, John became the subject of a huge bounty. He’s probably been spotted and his picture is on the Internet. There is only one hour left until the assassination order is given to every hitman in town. John and his dog are running through the city. Will he be able to escape?

John Wick

This is the synopsis of “John Wick” and its sequel “John Wick Chapter 2”. There are some lies mixed in, so if you want to know the real story, please watch the movie with your own eyes.

The third film in the “John Wick” series, in which Keanu Reeves shines at his best, has finally arrived. The name of the film is “John Wick Parabellum”. The first one was a starter, the second one was a starter, and the third one was a starter.

If the first one was an appetizer and the second one was the main dish, the third one is a second helping of the main dish. Oh, there are refills? Yes, there is, in this restaurant. The seasoning is a little different, so don’t worry.

This series has enthralled a certain type of audience with its shonen manga-like worldview and over-the-top development, but the third film is even more of a story, and it is filled with pictures of Keanu Reeves doing whatever he wants. The ultimate in self-satisfaction. But I was also very satisfied.
How indecisive I am, praising “Ad Astra,” which denies the narcissism of men, as a great movie, but praising “John Wick,” which is full of male narcissism, as the best. But it’s okay, I like them all (self-contained).

Even so, critics are giving “John Wick Parabellum,” the third film, higher ratings than the second, and it’s doing well at the box office. It’s a rare action movie that keeps going up. Oh, by the way, I don’t care about spoilers or anything, and I’m writing this because it’s an announced fact, but the production of the fourth film has already been announced and the release date has already been set. It’s not a climax.

The story completely starts right after the ending of the second film, so it’s not for the uninitiated, so watching the previous films is a must. If you can’t get into the groove of this series, you’re out of the question, so please come to the theater only if you’re a fan and are willing to die with Keanu (please don’t bring a gun). For more movie review, I recently post Tenet review. Click the link!